Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A new toy

We're a bookstore. A real bookstore: cramped aisles, creaky stairs, oddball sections. We use just about every available square inch to offer the widest and most carefully chosen selection of books. A couch would be nice, as would a window, but how many books would we have to part with to make that space? Books are our lifeblood.

But we like some other stuff, too. Like movies and music, canvas bags and magazines. And Lucha Libre Thumb Wrestling Masks. They crack us up. They're probably not exactly what most people need to spend $9.95 on during this economy, but aren't these the little indulgences that make packing a lunch five days a week worth it?

If someone as immature as us Green Applers has a birthday coming up, consider this important contribution to our quirky selection of non-book items.

We hope to not have a new video promoting our next book of the month starring these masks. But sometimes that's how we roll.

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