Thursday, April 2, 2009

When Novelists Become Screenwriters

Local author/McSweeney's Emperor Supreme Dave Eggers and director Spike Jonze penned the screenplay for this year's highly-anticipated adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. Here is the trailer:

Then Eggers and his author-wife Vendela Vida (the fantastic novels And Now You Can Go and Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name) formed like Voltron and thought, "Gee, how could we be even more awesome??? Oh I know, we'll write a kickass quirky roadtrip movie with amazing character actors!" and so Away We Go was born, starring SNL alumnus (and former Rentals keyboardist) Maya Rudolph and The Office's John Krasinski, and directed by Sam Mendes (Revolutionary Road, American Beauty):

Also out this year is City of Thieves author David Benioff's screenplay for Wolverine. I just had to throw that in.

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